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Ниагарский водопад сковало льдом: Подборка фотографий пользователей

Пользователи делятся кадрами частично замерзшего Ниагарского водопада.
Известная достопримечательность не устояла под натиском обрушившихся на США аномально низких температур.
С одной стороны для прогулок на свежем воздухе холодно, с другой стороны туристы радынеобычному ракурсу и виду водопада. Они называют вид — "ошеломительным".
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Took a few minutes in this chilly weather to appreciate the falls. The ice formations are spectacular, even though these photos are anything but. ️
Публикация от John-Anthony Bruno (@jabruno101)
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Niagara Falls winter wonderland️ • • I’ve always wanted a frozen winter shot here, so of course while planning a weekend in Toronto I had to wish for some snow to make a bus ride down there worth it. What I didn’t plan on was that my wish would turn into arctic temperatures and a winter storm that even Canadians seemed phased by. But regardless of the absurd cold, I don’t think there’s any question that seeing the falls like this was absolutely worth it. I’d say you can make a pretty strong case that winter is the most beautiful time to visit Niagara...of course you’d need to arguing that point to someone who doesn’t mind the cold or snow and doesn’t really want to do most of the tourist attractions that aren’t possible in the winter. Thanks for taking a frozen 4 hour bus ride just to appease my photo bucket list @ja9belfast , you’re the best. • • #instagood10k #keepitwild #wanderlust #keepexploring #neature #waterfall #chasingwaterfalls #waterfall #waterfallsfordays #lifeofadventure #seekthetrails #letsgosomewhere #amazingtravelbeauty #waterfalls #naturephoto #main_vision #landscape_captures #awesome_earthpix #natureaddict #rsa_rural #awesomeearth #nature_wizards #gottalove_a_ #allnatureshots #instanaturelover #earth_deluxe #niagarafallscanada #journeybehindthefalls #winterwonderland #niagarafallsontario
Публикация от Scott Heaney (@skoat)
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The sun came out for only 15 minutes. Just to make this experience even more memorable I guess. I froze my butt off with -25 Celcius
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I got to cross something off my bucket list yesterday! I finally got to see the “sculptures” the Niagara Falls mist makes when it accumulates on the fence and lampposts!
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And her frigid heart Unleashes furry in flurries All the while Playing the victim Like she never hurt a thing But at her command Cities are buried In layers of cold And everyone is trapped With no way to go Anywhere
Публикация от TRAVELING TYLER (@iamlonglost)

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